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Empowering your staff.

Powering the heart of your community.

Libraries have existed in civilisations for the last 5,000 years, let’s work together to ready them for the future.


They are cornerstones of the community, giving people the opportunity to learn about the world we live in. At GWD we are modernising libraries one step at a time, starting with self-service.


The Discovery Station by GWD is a complete RFID self-service library solution, supporting LCF, that lets you keep libraries open longer, improve customer engagement and even operate completely unattended.

24/7 Complete RFID Self-Service

One stop shop for library patrons any time of day or night.

Proactive Fee Collection

Patrons are prompted to pay fines & fees.

Printed & Email Receipts

Reduce your carbon footprint while improving convenience.

Cash, Card & Mobile Payments

All payment methods accepted, and an upgrade path for new technologies.

Certified Accessible

Raft of accessibility features as standard.

Flexible Pricing Range

Pick and choose options to suit your budget.

Integrates with all LMS

Can fully integrate with all major Library Management Systems.

Supports LCF Out of the box

Future-proofed with the most modern standards.

Marketing & Promotion

Future-proofed with the most modern standards.


All major payment methods accepted

The Discovery Station Family


The wall-mounted enclosure is the gateway to your library, providing the benefits of innovative self-service technology at a price that suits all budgets.


The minimalist enclosure allows patrons to browse your services and make reservations, in addition to searching your entire collection at the touch of a button.

DIS Wall Mount Close-min.jpg


The counter-top version can be customised in various ways to suit your needs. It offers all the functionality of the wall-mounted self-service device, with additional options ranging from account queries to full self-service, including card payments.


This device is perfect for implementing a cost-effective issue and return solution while providing a seamless experience for the user.

counter-top discovery station


Our top of the range floor-standing Discovery Station provides a one-stop-shop with all the functionality you could ever want from a self-service library kiosk.


It boasts a 15” LED touchscreen, making it bright, attractive and easy to use for all patrons. The large RFID pad gives the kiosk bulk issue and returns functionality, reducing queue times for patrons.

There is a built-in receipt printer, in addition to the ability to accept payment via mobile, card, coin and notes.

Floor standing discovery station

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