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Contactless Tzedakah Box

by GWD

Safe, secure donations for your synagogue

The synagogue is at the heart of the Jewish community and a core component in supporting the traditional Jewish values of kindness, through charitable donations to help the poor and those living in poverty. However, people today often do not carry cash. This can have an impact on the value of donations collected in the synagogue or other Jewish establishments that receive charitable contributions.


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Gift Aid Up-Sell

Gain an additional 25% with unique Gift Aid integration.


Encourage membership signup and renewals.

Conversation Starter

Capture data for future marketing in an unobtrusive way.

WiFi or SIM

Choose your preferred method of Internet connection.

Specific Purpose Donation

Donors can choose where their money is spent.

Custom Branding

Make it your own by adding logos, graphics and photos.

Safe and Secure

All data is transmitted with full encryption.

Attract Loop

Attract donor's attention with eye-catching screensavers.


All major payment methods accepted

Secure Donations for the Jewish Community

The Donation Station by GWD is a solution that will reinvigorate people's passion for continuing the tradition of making donations before Shabbat and other Jewish holidays. The Tzedakah box and Pushke box become a modern convenience with GWD, allowing donations to be made by debit card, credit card, or mobile payment.

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Contactless Tzedakah Options

Connected to the internet by your chosen method, the Donation Station by GWD collects payment data and encrypts this for security. Our modern Pushke box is fixed to a wall in the case of the Wall-mounted Slim Donations Station. The Countertop Midi Donation Station can be attached to a freestanding podium and has a strap for handheld use. Our Floor-standing Maxi Donation Station is fixed to a solid steel podium.


Whichever model you choose, our developers will collaborate with you to create the solution you need. As standard, we offer support through our online training material and help-desk. Your organisation can further choose on-site support and training and request callouts outside of typical business hours.


Get in touch with GWD today to modernise your Tzedakah box with a contactless payment solution.

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What People Say

“We saw the highest amount of donations per visitor we’ve ever achieved while using the Donation Station by GWD in one of our exhibitions – an increase of 50%.”

—  Darren Roberts, Bristol Culture

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