Our Products

The Donation Station by GWD

Losing out on card donations?

Not taking advantage of Gift Aid?

We can future-proof your revenue stream.

The Discovery Station by GWD

Affordable and flexible complete library self-service with RFID.


We can increase your efficiency.

The Dining Station by GWD

Long queues at peak times?

Missing up-selling opportunities?

We can double your order size.

The Dining Station by GWD is available now, get in touch for more information.

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Our Services

Optimisation and Analytics

Maintenance and Support

Software Solutions

One of the benefits of our products is the vast amount of data they collect, which in turn give you a greater understanding of how the system is working.


However, if data analysis isn’t your thing, we can do it on your behalf, proactively analysing the data and providing you with actionable insights to ensure you’re achieving the maximum benefit.

All our products come with maintenance and support as standard, this includes an online help-desk and access to a suite of training/materials.


In addition to this, we offer a supplemental support service for greater peace of mind, this includes staff training, on-site support, callouts and out-of-hours assistance.

We have extensive experience creating bespoke software solutions for major brands.

First we have a discussion regarding the human and tech-needs of the project; identifying the design, technology and integration requirements in advance.


Our developers then build the software step-by-step in collaboration with you, using our enterprise-grade self-service platform and two decades of experience to deliver on-budget and quickly to market.

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